Brief plus size tirade

Things are slow-going for me at the present. There’s less time for these kinds of DIY experiments. But I am absolutely drawn to doing more DIY projects because I can never find the clothes that I like, in my size. I am a plus size goth, and I know there are plenty others out there like me. I got into a short discussion last night with someone on the subject of Torrid, which used to be advertised as the plus size version of Hot Topic. But these days as we both noted, Hot Topic has more goth/geek attire than Torrid. Torrid’s clothing has a couple slits across the back and seems to be lacking in skulls, spiders, and other dark designs and prints. And thrifting at Torrid is almost impossible considering the price tag. There might be considerable more options across the pond or even on the east and west coast, but here in the Midwest, the options are slim. So at least for me, its back to the DIY platform.


Elegant Grunge

When I was browsing Antimony and Lace’s diy section, they have a posting of a diy tatters and rags dress. I had this awesome idea to do something like this on a project that doesn’t hang super long, but instead flairs out at the sides. So here is what I decided. What if I combined A&L’s tutorial on tatters and rags, with this XOX tutorial? Its a lot of work because I sew by hand (and I don’t own a sewing machine, which would likely make this a lot easier.  But instead of velvet, lace, jacquard, or some other elegant fabric, I had a mind to use the cut up strips of the tshirts I bought at the thrift store, going for more of a grunge look with the colors that reflect something truly monochrome. And although I like some elements of cybergoth fashion, I’m not really a neon kind of lady. I found myself really partial to the idea of the elegance of the XOX skirt, and the grit of the tatters and rags. And in a nutshell, that is how I see myself – as a cross-section between elegance and grunge.  Another experiment in the works.

Manson Dress and recent things

Last couple weeks I have been thinking up some things I want to make, and some pieces I want to modify. I have a stretched out Marilyn Manson shirt I was thinking of turning into a dress with the right kind of flannel addition. May need to go thrifting first. There will definitely be more to come on the manson dress. I can visualize the dress combining the stretched tee with an aline skirt in a black, blue and red plaid pattern. As well as the addition of bell sleeves in the same plaid material.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on some more t-shirt mods. I’ll post some pics as they become available.

Locutus’ T-shirt surgery

Bought this wonderful borg shirt at the star trek experience in Las Vegas many years ago, and recently transplanted it to a brand new shirt. I’m really partial to the Mossimo men’s V-neck shirts that they sell at target. I’m slowly getting back into doing these kinds of small sewing projects. This was basically pinned and stitched onto the new T.