Elegant Grunge

When I was browsing Antimony and Lace’s diy section, they have a posting of a diy tatters and rags dress. I had this awesome idea to do something like this on a project that doesn’t hang super long, but instead flairs out at the sides. So here is what I decided. What if I combined A&L’s tutorial on tatters and rags, with this XOX tutorial? Its a lot of work because I sew by hand (and I don’t own a sewing machine, which would likely make this a lot easier.  But instead of velvet, lace, jacquard, or some other elegant fabric, I had a mind to use the cut up strips of the tshirts I bought at the thrift store, going for more of a grunge look with the colors that reflect something truly monochrome. And although I like some elements of cybergoth fashion, I’m not really a neon kind of lady. I found myself really partial to the idea of the elegance of the XOX skirt, and the grit of the tatters and rags. And in a nutshell, that is how I see myself – as a cross-section between elegance and grunge.  Another experiment in the works.


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